maat ext. – read: extended – is a content platform launched in September 2020 by the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon) that aggregates, connects and expands the reach of the museum’s actions across the digital sphere.

A companion to the website redesigned in line with the revamped visual language of maat, this is a digital space where different forms of creative output coexist, some of which are developed by and with the collaborators involved in the museum’s programming and others that are native to this realm.

The contents are organised by format type, as in long-form writing and visual essays, libraries of meanings, resources, online cinema, bulletins and news, to name just a few, while topics provide thematically specific reading threads across the platform. All of which generates resonances, and further links and reflection interwoven with the on-site events organised by the museum.

maat ext. is an experiment and an effort towards defying the time-based metrics of offline content consumption in order to produce a space for knowledge production, research and dialogue that can empower institutional practice to an intellectually flexible and creatively temperamental mode of contemporary storytelling. 

maat ext. is a collective effort. Keep an eye on this space for regular updates.


Editor: Nuno Ferreira de Carvalho

Graphic designer: Lisa Hartje Moura

Graphic design assistant: Beatriz Severes

Editorial and research assistance: Jule Kurbjeweit

Web development: Wingman

Translation and proofreading: Liam Burke, Henry Broome, Per Christopher Foster


maat ext. is an original concept developed under the creative direction of Beatrice Leanza (maat executive director, 2019–2021).

Former collaborators: Amir Halabi, Maria Kruglyak (editorial and research assistants)


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We have endeavoured to ensure that all links to other websites on maat ext. are correct and active. However, we make no guarantee that a site will remain live.


Every effort has been made to trace all copyright holders to the content published herein. If you find that any material has been inadvertently overlooked or miscredited, please get in touch via e-mail.