Everyone – An Afternoon at the Museum

Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman



It’s all about me being myself, me being who I am
Everyone wakes up in the morning saying they feel full of love
I wake up in the morning feeling full of shit
I’m not a good person
I don’t call my mother everyday
I don’t have a god
I eat meat
I don’t smile to strangers in the street
So there’s no hope for me
I am the one picking the eye of the self assured
Of the blinded by love
Of the no guilt no shame passerby
The severe reminder of the importance of self-doubt
The reminder of thoughts to keep you up at night
Everyone wants to be

Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman

Paulo Furtado is a multi-instrumentalist musician and a composer based in Lisbon, Portugal, of-ten going to Paris, his second city. He´s also known as his alter ego The Legendary Tigerman. His main instrument is guitar, but he also composes and arranges using modular synths and piano. His home studio is well equipped with all kinds of an-cient and modern string instruments, classic and synths, and rare instruments. He’s a regular nominee for the Sophia Awards – the most important TV and cinema awards in Portugal –, having already won the award for Best Original Music Score twice. Beside numerous soundtracks, Furtado also composed for theater plays and was musical director for Gus Van Sant’s Trouble (2022). His first The Legendary Tigerman album, Naked Blues, appeared in 2001, and the most recent in 2023, Zeitgeist, born in Paris. This was the first time he used modular synths instead of guitars for composing. The album features Portuguese and international artists, such as Anna Prior, Asia Argento, Best Youth, Calcutá, Delila Paz (The Last Internationale), Jehnny Beth, RAY, Sarah Re-becca and Sean Riley.



  • Image: courtesy of the artist.




Everyone – An Afternoon at the Museum was a live performance by Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman, as he’s releasing his new album ZEITGEIST, at MAAT Central, 27/11/2023. The happening included the presentation of Everyone, a short Super 8 film directed by Paulo Furtado, The Legendary Tigerman, in Paris, featuring a special guest appearance by Jehnny Beth.
Everyone follows the words of Jehnny Beth through the lonely night at Le 104 (Le Cent Quatre – a cultural centre in Paris), and the eternal parade of dinosaur skeletons, whales, and other animals, most of them extinct, from the Natural History Museum in Paris.