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A talk by Sheldon Brown


With Artificial Intelligence comes the reimagining of culture across art, design, and computer science. Designers and artists working with AI, face the challenge to integrate it positively into real life, informing ideas around what AI means for our human selves and the profound transformation of our broader social systems. How can we develop an aesthetic of AI that is accessible and open, moving from obscure and technical black boxes?


This talk by Sheldon Brown, presented by maat in the context of the Science Is Fiction series of talks, explores the application of Artificial Intelligence in art and design while also raising the complex issues of who we are becoming in the process of inventing it.


Sheldon Brown is a Professor and Research Leader at UAL Creative Computing Institute, with regular participations in leading edge techno-culture conferences such as Supercomputing, SIGGRAPH, TedX or GDC. His artworks combine computer science research with vanguard cultural production and have been exhibited at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, Ars Electronica, Linz, The Kitchen in NYC, Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and others.


With the “Science Is Fiction” programme maat aims to bridge the gap between science (often complex and coded) and society in general. Very different speakers – scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, PhDs, artists and other experts – are invited to address complex topics in clear but non-simplistic language.