Biodesign, Carole Collet


A framework for designing with living systems. © Carole Collet, 2020.


by Carole Collet


Biodesign incorporates the inherent life-conducive principles of biological living systems (cyclic, solar, local) into the design process to transition to a more holistic, sustainable and regenerative future. 


The practice of biodesign can refer to a range of design strategies which include: bio-based design (nature as a resource), bio-informed design (nature as a model), bio-integrated design (nature as a co-worker) and bio-engineered design (re-programmable nature). 

Carole Collet is Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures at Central Saint Martins UAL, where she is director of @maisonzero, the CSM LVMH Sustainable Innovation Programme and also director of the @designandlivingsystems Lab. She has pioneered the integration of sustainability into the curriculum at Central Saint Martins by creating new courses such as the MA in Textile Futures in 2001 (now Material Futures) and the first MA in Biodesign in 2019. Her research includes biomaterial prototyping as well as exhibition and conference curation and publication. Her work has been featured in international exhibitions, including at the V&A and the Centre Pompidou.


The Living Systems Lab Symposium by Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London (UAL), in collaboration with maat, introduces research projects which exist at the intersection of art, design, architecture and biology by Carole Collet, Heather Barnett, Nancy Diniz, Alice Taylor and Rob Kesseler.