Visualisation test of the global temperature satellite data painting the digital wallpaper for “Planet Calls - Imaging Climate Change”. © Dotdotdot, 2021.


Experiment of visualisation, Dotdotdot 2021

Earth Bits



We live in a complex era of extraordinary generation of data – one of the world’s most valuable resources today. Humans leave traces everywhere and through science and technology constantly gather and produce information to monitor and better understand their relationship with the world.

Data holds huge amounts of potential value, but no value can be created without a conversion of information into narrative outcomes accessible to everyone. It is within this scenario that an institution like maat can play a vital role in building knowledge through disciplinary cross contamination, inclusiveness and active participation by experts and other institutions to elicit a better understanding of the present and the future.

Our role as experience designers here has been to facilitate the flux and translation of scientific data into a fuel that can be used to build knowledge, cultural value and critical thinking; not simply by transferring information or providing solutions but by shaping a new syntax with which to read the complexity of our fast-changing times and to raise questions about the future by intertwining informative, emotional and narrative threads in captivating multimedia languages in a physical environment.

Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary is a data-driven journey exploring the tenets of the energy transition and the climate crisis, the intrinsic relationship between people and the planet, with the ultimate goal of facilitating an understanding of the repercussion of human choices and therefore the impact of our actions on the environment.

Visitors are invited to interact with “climate knowledge” through graphics and animated videos based on scientific evidence, and through an interactive station allowing them to “mix” data like a DJ, guided by a generative soundscape and digital wallpaper painted with satellite data.

There are infinite ways in which data and scientific research could improve our awareness, yet there is an utmost need for cross collaboration with cultural institutions to make sense of data, to make it accessible for an insightful application of knowledge in all spheres of our life and to the benefit of our society.


Dotdotdot is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Milan in 2004 with a heterogeneous team of over 20 people including architects, designers, developers, engineers, sound designers and storytellers. 
The studio uses design and technology to create new and unique ways for humans to interact with the world, in a continuum between physical and digital space, with research and technological innovation at the core of each project. 
In 2014, Dotdotdot founded OpenDot a "fab lab", a research and open innovation hub accessible to everyone and based in Milan.


“maat Explorations” is an ongoing programme that delves into the socio-cultural and environmental transformations concerning the current bio crisis and ecological destruction, providing insight into the hard science of climate intervention and the creative speculations behind innovation-led research to safeguard our planetary co-existence.

Prominent in this strand is the installation Earth Bits – Sensing the Planetary, that opens access to the complex interconnectedness between the environmental and the energetic quests and its reverberation through decades of artistic production, political and cultural movements traced from the 1960s until today.