Summed up by SO – IL



Beeline might trigger insight into our perception of space as well as time. An additional pathway dissects the maat building both in plan and section. This shortcut connects the entrance from the quayside directly, with a new access point facing the city. This gesture not only transforms the way visitors enter and experience the museum, but it also links the formal entry to a new “clandestine” entrance through the loading dock. As such, this transformation not only opens up the building to new perspectives, but also challenges the implied hierarchies of spaces in a traditional museum and provides flexibility for an ever-evolving organisation.

— SO – IL

Founded in New York in 2008, SO – IL is an architectural studio led by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu that not only produces permanent buildings but also thinks about architecture in relation to time and duration.


SO – IL’s largest piece of ephemeral architecture to date, Beeline (maat, 10/06/2020 – 04/02/2021) is designed to host maat Mode 2020, an experimental participatory public programme of talks and other events. With architecture by SO – IL (Florian Idenburg, Martina Baratta, Yuanjun Summer Liu), "Beeline" was produced by maat in partnership with ArtWorks.


Plan for Beeline by SO-IL

SO – IL's plan (2019) for Beeline installation that cuts through the maat building by Amanda Levete (AL_A, London).