The Atypical Traditions Playlists


Atypical Traditions, curated by Gonçalo F. Cardoso, is a music programme that aims to reconfigure our idea of history and traditional thinking to shape a brave new vision of the past, present and future. Taking a no-holds-barred attitude to the past and proposing a complete reinterpretation of the future, artists from different backgrounds and geographies (Portugal, Spain, US, UK) present new musical perceptions that try to find new meanings in an everchanging ultra-globalised society. In keeping with each theme — “Visions at the End of the World”, “Lost Futures”, “4th World Wonders” and “Do You Miss the Present?” — each proposal develops an idea of alternative spaces in which visitors can travel and dream beyond the limits of comprehension.

In addition to the live performances, a series of playlists, compiled by Cardoso from the Discrepant catalogue, that explores the themes of Alternate Realities and Atypical Traditions, can be heard on the Sound Capsules, maat Mode's audio stations, and also online, in a condensed version. These versions were especially prepared to be listen during the state of emergency in Portugal (from 18 March to 1 May, 2020) and mandatory confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in the context of the digital existence of the maat Mode programme.


Images: courtesy of Gonçalo F. Cardoso and Discrepant.


Gonçalo F. Cardoso is an itinerant sound artist, founder and day-to-day director of Discrepant Records (and its sub-labels Souk, Sucata Tapes and Farsa Discos). Over the past few years, he has been performing all over the world as a DJ and musician. His LP, “A Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics”, a collaboration with Ruben Pater, won the Ars Electronica jury prize in 2017.

The Sound Capsules were developed in collaboration with ETIC and Discrepant, as part of the six-month-long programme “maat Mode 2020”. Three audio stations have been integrated by studio SO – IL in “Beeline”, the museum-wide architectural intervention that hosts "maat Mode 2020", to offer a sequential series of curated sound proposals and specially produced contents.