Re-Constructing Reality

Reality / Fantasy


Institutions maintain a kind of fiction of the world, as a narrative, allowing them to survive in a very concrete reality which, paradoxically, does not strictly correspond to that fiction. This is only possible because there is a tension between what should be, as a project, and what is, as a reality. This “should be” emerges as a representation of an orderly institutional world, giving meaning to the particular goals of each institution. The "is" corresponds to the raw and naked reality that Science, at each given moment, allows us to describe. In most cases, we then realise that what we call “sense” is a construction of the power. Architecture is, without a doubt, the scenic background of all this (as a frame, which alternately becomes static or dynamic).



Counter-Architecture. Re-Constructing Reality is a collaborative research-project curated by Lucinda Correia for maat, that organises four performative actions, talks and debates that result in a green paper, aimed to think the future of “urbanity”. Through four oppositions of fundamental concepts — “reality/fantasy”, “control/transgression”, “disclosure/concealment” and “logic/absurd” — will be discussed the methodologies for approaching environmental impact, in its broadest sense, and the architectural and urbanistic practices, aiming to generate productive disciplinary crossings and, certainly, confront the different methods of argumentation. The guests are members of public administration, architects, engineers, geographers, promotors, scientists, sociologists, lawyers, builders and other urban actors.





Re-Constructing Reality
Reality / Fantasy (session #1/4)


Introduction by Lucinda Correia (2:27)

Performative action by Teatro Praga (7:00)

Talk by Rania Ghosn (Design Earth):
“Geostories: Another Architecture for the Environment” (18:45)

Performative action by Teatro Praga (1:46:00)

Debate with Miguel Ferreira Mendes, Pedro Matos Soares, Susana Fonseca, Viriato Soromenho-Marques and Alexandra Paio (1:57:00)


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