Phoebe: Out of Trouble



Mix for DIALOGUES, a music programme presented by maat, and curated by Joana Seguro and Carin Abdulá 


“As we reach a pivotal moment of (hopeful) transition, social distancing and lockdowns will be remembered as a time of extreme solitude. With clinical psychologists claiming that we are living through a loneliness epidemic, these themes also ring loudly when applied to contexts of event and performance. Collective artistic expression, however, has a tendency to adjust (and often thrive) when faced with adversity.” 

— Joana Seguro and Carin Abdulá


DIALOGUES is a music programme curated by Carin Abdulá and Joana Seguro presenting at maat (07/11–12/12/2021) a series of multi-disciplinary collaborations that have been forged during social distancing and lockdown times, defying the restrictions of space and proximity, all in the name of overcoming adversity and embracing isolation as an inspiration for creating everlasting art. The programme includes three sessions: Gaika and Troublemaker Records (07/11/2021), OFF LICENSE: Juliana Huxtable, Ziúr and Theresa Baumgartner (14/11/2021), and KMRU and Polido (12/12/2021).


Working from a blank canvas, Gaika is joined in this session of the DIALOGUES programme by Troublemaker Records artists Phoebe, nëss and Herlander to create – using visual and audio explorations – a one-off piece of work that will sit somewhere between improvisation and resistance.



Troublemakers, Phoebe mix

This mix is a compilation of the sounds and textures I've been listening to the most and I hope you enjoy it. 



Track list 


Ben Bondy & exael – "Aphelion Lash" 

Arad Acid – "Frontmxxd" 

KMRU – "Well" 

Space Afrika – "yyyyyy2222" 

Ben Bondy – "Eeon" 

Dj Normal 4 ft. Aenx – "Aeo" (Ottertasia mix) 

Tirzah – "Crepuscular Rays" 

Gabriel Ferrandini – "Rua da Barroca" 

Ulla – "i think my tears have become good" 

Kelman Duran – "Night in Tijuana" 

Miguel Abras – "Andar à Penda" 


As Phoebe, Bruno Trigo Gonçalves – producer, DJ and founder of the label/collective Troublemaker Records – exposes an expanding artistic and musical mind, that pushes the boundaries of rigid stylistic boundaries that dull the most creative impulses. This permanent stylistic and sonic mutation is therefore not easy to map, but it is precisely from this frustration with what is most basic that the most urgent music emerges. Works like if i was simple in the mind, everything would be fine (Rotten Fresh, 2021), Living on Valued Energy (Quântica, 2020), and Affection (Troublemaker Records, 2019) testify that there’s no simplicity here, but rather an intense mix of not only sound references, but also personal ones, that give his music a truly intimate charge, even when the sound explosions hit us in an austere way. 


Photo: madalena.pt.