Sonic Activism and The Ecological Crisis


A conversation between Beatrice Leanza and Cláudia Martinho on listening as a mode of reconnecting to the environment.


On the occasion of the reopening of maat (10/06/2020) and following the special commission to Cláudia Martinho titled Extinction Calls, this conversation between Beatrice Leanza (director, maat) and the artist explores the making of this pervasive soundscape developed through field recordings of dozens of extinct or critically endangered bird species.


Learn more on this creative process that embraces the fields of sound art, bioacoustics, aural architecture, and psychoacoustics, and looks at the relationship between sonic activism and the ecological crisis, where listening becomes a mode of reconnecting with the environment.



Cláudia Martinho is a researcher, artist, architect and acoustician that has been developing an experimental practice that embraces sound art, architecture, eco-acoustics, animism and activism She is based in Gerês biosphere reserve in Portugal, and is currently engaged as a researcher in the project “audire – Saving Sonic-Based Memories” at the University of Minho.


Image: Detail of the "Extinction Calls" leaflet, published by maat. Graphic design by Lisa H. Moura.


In Extinction Calls (maat, 10/06/2020 – 11/01/2021), Cláudia Martinho uses archive sounds to create multiple sonic encounters with extinct and critically endangered bird species. The soundscape resonates with the acoustic space of maat and "Beeline", the architectural intervention by SO – IL, to create a diversity of points of listening and thus enable different sensory experiences.