Moving Imaginaries

with Róisín Tapponi and Rahul Gudipudi, moderated by Martina Muzi



The conversation starts from the Art Jameel film programme on show at X is Not a Small Country exhibition and introduces the upcoming online programme on maat ext. – Cinematic Architectures [with]in Arab Geographies –, both programmes curated by Róisín Tapponi, and will explore the role of curating, archiving and sharing moving image works inside and outside institutional frameworks. With a focus on the accessibility of spaces, resources and the movement of bodies, the speakers will elaborate on how their own practices facilitate the travel of film-based projects across disciplines, media and geographies. 

Cinematic Architectures [with]in Arab Geographies is a series of open-ended online talks on maat ext. that focus on the role of the contemporary moving image and the production of space. The conversations are grounded within the contested borders of the so-called “Arab region”, and explore how human geographies, urban governance and architectural environments function in situ. Róisín Tapponi, curator of the cycle of films programmed to respond to the work Tactile Cinema (2021) by Bricklab, in the context of the exhibition X is Not a Small Country invites the prominent architectural and cinema researchers Ala Younis, Nora Akawi and Helene Kazan to navigate this terrain. 



Art Jameel, movie stills

Images: video stills from "Leaves Fall in All Seasons" (2014) by Ahmed Mater, "Ainata" (2018) by Alaa Mansour, "The Future Was Desert Part 1" (2016) by Sophia Al-Maria, "Behind the Sun" (2013) by Monira al Qadiri, and "The Sky Oscillates Between Eternity and Its Immediate Consequences" (2021) by Nadim Choufi.





Róisín Tapponi is an Iraqi-Irish curator, film programmer, researcher, archivist and writer. She is the founder and programmer of Habibi Collective and has curated regional film festivals, including the Independent Iraqi Film Festival and the Queer Mena film festival.  Tapponi has curated screenings at international institutions and has been lecturing on cinema at various academic institutions. Currently, Tapponi is developing an independent streaming service for Middle East and North African cinema, Shasha Movies. She is also founder and editor of ART WORK Magazine, a critical art magazine for cultural workers operating on the margins.

Rahul Gudipudi is exhibitions curator at Art Jameel and contributes towards the research and development of exhibitions and programmes at Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai and Hayy Jameel, Jeddah. He is the co-curater, with Nora Razian, of Hiwa K’s solo show at Jameel Arts Centre Do you remember what you are burning?, and curatorial advisor for “Story of Mind”, to happen in 2022.