Views of Bandeiras (2022) by Unidigrazz with Hinu Digra (2020) by Tristany. Photo: Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs.

Views of Bandeiras (2022) by Unidigrazz with Hinu Digra (2020) by Tristany. Photo: Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs.

Views of Bandeiras (2022) by Unidigrazz with Hinu Digra (2020) by Tristany playing in the background in the exhibition Interferences (maat, 30/03–05/09/2022). Photo: Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs. 


Intro: Detail of Bandeiras (2022) by Unidigrazz. Photo: Bruno Lopes, courtesy of Underdogs.

The cultural diversity that characterises Lisbon does not soften the many stories of a segmented and antagonistic metropolis. Interferences: Emerging Urban Cultures (maat, 30/03–05/09/2022) is a group exhibition that affirms different expressions of urban culture, exploring narrative itineraries of the city in a conversation that prioritises the museum as a critical space where various communities and sensibilities come together as a starting point for new beginnings. Curated by Carla Cardoso, Alexandre Farto and António Brito Guterres, the exhibition is organised by sections addressing various themes that provide the tagline for a programme of events which will contribute to the exhibition’s narrative, some of them generating contributions that will be incorporated into it, making it a dynamic project that reveals itself to the public over the course of six months. 




Hinu Digra 

Unidigrazz with Tristany for the exhibition Interferences: Emerging Urban Cultures


Heróis da linha, povo dread, digraz, 

valentes, imortais 

Levantai hoje de novo, sem docu estou ilegal 

Entre as macumbas da memória 

Rapazes obin, quel voz! 

Dos bongós vindo à nós 

Nhos manti coragi fitchado 

As lágrimas, as almas, sobre a terra, sobre o mar 

As armas, as armas, pela zona e vamos lutar 

Dipoz di nós, ainda é nóz


Dreadlocked warriors, you who are valiant and immortal 

Rise up again today, without documents 

I am illegal 

Amid the spells of memory 

Guys, look what voice! 

From the cops that come to us 

Keep us strong and together 

The tears, the spirits, on land and on sea 

Raise up your weapons for the hood and let us fight 

Those who come after us are still us



“Hinu Digra” by Tristany, from his LP Meia Riba Kalxa, 2022.


Tristany is a Portuguese artist and musical producer of Angolan descent. Born into a family of musicians, he creates a multiplicity of rhythms, with raw sounds and diversified visual stimuli, representing all the cultures he feels a part of. He grew up and lives in the Sintra Train Line, a suburb of Lisbon, and he is a member of the Unidigrazz collective, with whom he frequently works. In 2018 he released the single Rapepaz, with thousands of views on YouTube. Meia Riba Kalxa, his first album, launched in 2020, gives voice to a series of experiences of the quotidian that surrounds him.


The Unidigrazz collective emerged in 2017 in the Mem Martins area, in the Sintra Train Line, in the context of an urban cultural movement that has been adding followers as it gains the recognition it deserves. It aggregates multidisciplinary artists, like musicians, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, and graffiti writers. Shaped by their life experiences in group and armed with striking identities and visions, the art showcased by the collective casts a gaze over the social fabric that lives on the fringes of Lisbon. The collective includes, among others, the members Diogo “Gazella” Carvalho, Onun Trigueiros, Rappepa bedju tempu, Sepher AWK, and Tristany.