The truth was supposed to set us free

— Garry Kasparov


The truth was supposed to set us free. But Peter Pomerantsev's brilliant "This Is Not Propaganda" shows how the very idea of truth has been weaponized by dictators and other enemies of liberty. These techniques, first used against us in Russia, have spread around the globe like a toxic cloud. Taking us from the Philippines to Ukraine to MAGA-land, Pomerantsev is an unparalleled tour guide of our post-truth world-and what we all must learn to survive in it.


Garry Kasparov — Cover endorsement: Peter Pomerantsev, This Is Not Propaganda, Faber & Faber, 2019.


It’s good to know that when you follow a false prophet, Jesus’s dictum “the truth will set you free” does not apply. Instead, the truth gets you sent to jail.


Garry Kasparov — “The truth in front of our noses”, Daily News, New York (17/09/2019).


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